It is said that life is not a bed of roses because thorns are part of it. For innocent or young people who are carefree, their happiness, by any means, is a priority. On the other hand, adults who are unaware of the consequences of their actions often end up blaming or pointing their fingers to whoever they think might be the root cause of the problem they are currently facing.

Let’s accept the fact that we sometimes create our own problems. It can be traced to what we say or do, including the decisions that we make every day. At times when the dilemma becomes unmanageable or unbearable, other people consider suicide as a way to get through it. An outlet for all frustrations, disappointments, and failures that an individual was able to experience.

To shed more light on this very controversial issue, here are a few answers that you might want to ponder on:

Lack of stand-in religion or no religion at all

If a person even has a little faith and the belief in a Divine Creator, he’ll no longer think twice that taking one’s life is the most absurd decision that a normal human can do. Life is such a precious gift from God, and He owns it, not us. Wise people would even ask: ”Who are we to take what is not ours?”

A questionable relationship with God

Humans can be believers or non-believers, and both of them are entitled to their own right. Some may exercise religious freedom but in a fleeting and transitory manner. There are times when most people only pray when they have their own, selfish intentions to attain. Regardless of the level of relationship, man was created as naturally good; but there are times when his decisions do not coincide with what he or she is practising. It is a sad reality that has prevailed over and over again.

A means to escape what is reality

Everybody might agree that the truth really hurts. Since humans have certain intellectual and emotional limitations, it’s quite difficult for him to move on and accept reality. Without professional intervention or even a friend who might help solve a problem through a sincere conversation, a disheartened man may resort to taking his own life. Reality bites, and when it does, someone or something must be done to address the problem.

Evading responsibility

Most people are afraid of failure that has something to do with great responsibility. Failure, for some, may mean loss of worth or dignity. Others lose the audacity or courage to face people after a failure; thus, the common misconception is dying with an honourable death.

Family disintegration and other relationship issues

The loss of a loved one or a broken heart injects both suffering and pain that for some who are not really strong, becomes unbearable. People experiencing this dilemma need their family the most and if not, their closest friends. Failure on either side to intervene with the person who has suicidal tendencies often consummate the undesirable act of taking one’s own life.